• Date

    09 of June of 2017

Casio has launched a new element in its PRO TREK line of outdoor activities. Evoking the image of a snow-covered peak, the new PRX-8000MT is the latest model in the sophisticated MANASLU series of PRO TREK watches.

The PRO TREK series of outdoor clocks takes advantage of Casio’s sensor technology to measure different types of external data. PRO TREK models equipped with Triple Sensor Ver 3 technology ensure accuracy in compass, atmospheric pressure, altitude and temperature readings. To ensure good readability, the new PRX-8000MT features a high-contrast design, with the black dial highlighting high numbering marks and large hour and minute hands.

The watch case, the buttons, and the strap were uniformly silvered. The mirrored finish on the bevel surface was created using Sallaz polishing. Red, a color used to increase the visibility of the markers on the mountain course, was applied to highlight the second hand which features a new shape for readability as well as the groove around the end of the bevel.

The PRX-8000MT is equipped with an atmospheric pressure trend alarm that notifies the user of sudden changes in atmospheric pressure. It also comes with Multi-Band 6 technology for receiving time calibration signals from six stations worldwide.