• Date

    30 of November of 2017

CASIO launches special edition

in partnership with Air Force 751 Squadron


This edition limited to 40 units is exclusive to Portugal



Casio has just launched a special edition, limited to 40 units, in partnership with the 751 Air Force Squadron exclusively for Portugal. This limited edition is made up of the G-SHOCK GPW-2000 watch which will be presented in a pelicase box with the Polic 751 logo, a metal plate numbering the 01/40 box and a metal buckle with the official logo of the Polic 751 for used on the watch.


The G-SHOCK GPW-2000 is a GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor with Bluetooth and accurately displays the hours anywhere in the world, automatically updating the internal information regarding time zones and daylight saving time.


The design of the GPW-2000 is aviation-inspired, including the dial, designed to evoke the image of the indicators in a cockpit. The acquired position information is easily visualized with the latitude displayed on the inside display at the 9 o’clock position and the longitude shown in the small window at the 6 o’clock position. The watch has a flight record function that records the location and time by pressing the clock button to show on a map of a smartphone.


The watch features a bolt-free construction for securing the strap, which can loosen due to vibration. Instead, it includes a thin resin cover and an insertion of carbon fiber-reinforced thin resin parts to hold the bracelet. The GPW-2000 is robust enough to withstand the most demanding environments with Triple G Resist that resists shock, centrifugal forces and vibration.


Created in 1978, the 751 Squadron “Pumas” is the most experienced search and rescue team in Portugal. Due to the extreme nature of their missions and the atmospheric conditions to which they are subjected, the squadron 751 team has equipment resistant to the most adverse elements. Most of the squad’s elements use G-SHOCK watches, since their precision and resistance characteristics perfectly match the demanding conditions they are subjected to on every mission they perform.