• Date

    08 of September of 2017


Casio announced the launch of five new shock-resistant female models of the BABY-G line, based on the Tough and Cool concept. Equipped with step counter, the new STEP TRACKER BGS-100 features five distinct design models, ideal for every occasion of the day.

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The new BGS-100 not only has a step counter but also offers a differentiating and comfortable design for everyday use. Created to think of women who care about physical well-being, but who also like to be fashionable.


Featuring a three-axis acceleration sensor, a novelty in the BABY-G range, the watch automatically starts counting steps whenever your user starts walking or running. In addition, if the user has set a goal for the number of daily steps, you can check your progress at the push of a button.


Casio has developed a box with a new BABY-G structure allowing the watch to be even thinner while keeping the hands of hours, minutes and seconds, offering more wrist comfort. The coating of the watch has a certain luminosity due to the matt translucent resin used on the case’s rim. In three of the five models the dominant color is lime green, perfect with sporty clothing.The watch also exists in pink pastel color trend, and white so that it easily matches any look. It is a watch that women who enjoy these two characteristics and seek a healthy life will want to use every day.