Casio launch G-SHOCK MT-G with aged gold-pink ionic coating

  • Date

    21 of November of 2016

Equipped with an advanced time marking system that receives time calibration signals both by GPS and via radio waves

Casio launched the MTG-G1000AR, a new model of the MT-G series created to have a sturdy and stylish look. Designed for long-term use even in inhospitable environments, the new watch has been created to make your look look better as it is being used.

Global Press - Casio

With the theme “sunken treasure” as a backdrop, this special model is designed to withstand harsh environments, which is a typical G-SHOCK feature. Casio imparted a gold-pink ionic coating to the surface, adding a layer of black ionic coating and then stripping off some of the black coating to create a vintage look and expense.