• Date

    12 of July of 2016

Tide Graph Function and Water Resistance to 20 bar, BABY-G as a Sporty, Luxurious Look




The new sporty and refined BGA-220 models have been inspired by glamping, a new trend in camping where guests enjoy luxury amenities and services in beautiful natural settings. Based on the concept of glamping on the beach, the new models are water resistant to 20 bar and equipped with a tide graph function for current tide information.

The stainless steel bezel features a 12-sided polygon design for added presence. The top surface of the bezel has a hairline finish, and the sides boast a mirror surface. These contrasting finishes create a refined look. Furthermore, the metallic 3D index sparkles subtly whenever the user moves her wrist, providing a high-quality and elegant feel. The double-layer dial features a wave design rolling across the dial, and each of the five models has a different subtly natural hue, evoking waves, shells, sparkling water, and more. Moreover, befitting a watch designed for glamping at the beach, a mere push of the button in the four o’clock position provides tide and temperature information. The new BABY-G models are great for women who enjoy elegance while living an active life in places of natural beauty.