Valquíria Marina Rinaldi by Joana Vasconcelos

  • Client:

    Marina Rinaldi

  • Business Units:

    Luxury & Lifestyle
    Events & Brand Activation

  • What:

    Presentation of the Valkyrie Marina Rinaldi by Joana Vasconcelos and the Spring-Summer 15 collection

  • When:

    September 19th 2014

  • Where:

    Palazzo Bocconi, Milan

  • Date:

    19 of September, 2014

The Italian brand Marina Rinaldi is now venturing into the world of art entrusting to the vision and the talent of artist Joana Vasconcelos the presentation of its SS 15 collection, through another, unconventional point of view.

The Portuguese artist and the Italian brand share the same values and ideas, and through a common language, they express the same sensitivity, both coexisting in a universe full of harmony, strength, femininity, whose focal point is the woman.

For just one day, on September 19th – during  Milan’s Fashion Week – the premises of Palazzo Bocconi, rich in history and décor, will host VALKYRIE MARINA RINALDI BY JOANA VASCONCELOS, the site specific installation arising from the collaboration between the brand and the artist who has utilised garments and fabrics from the new Marina Rinaldi collection in order to create it.

The event had the characteristics of a real happening, giving rise to a surprising conversation among the monumental works of the artist, the fashion world of Marina Rinaldi and the architecture of the building.

Valkyrie Marina Rinaldi - Spring Summer 2015 Press Event