Open Day Gucci

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    Luxury & Lifestyle

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    11 of December, 2012

GUCCI Press Day Spring-Summer 2013 at the #1 Brand Gallery.

Hour and Place
10am to 12pm at the #1 Brand Gallery
Press Attendance
40 people

Spring-Summer 2013 Collection


Minimalist forms. Absolute colors. Exotic touches. A new aesthetic dynasty. Elegant. Sophisticated. Essential. For Spring-Summer 2013, a fusion of purism and sensual notes. Skin flashes through artistic cuts. Accessories varnished skin for a fun fetish. “These are portraits of aristocratic women,” explains Creative Director Frida Giannini. “Evoking a strong allure with a clean aesthetic, precise and definite. The inspiration began with historical photographs of Richard Avedon and Gian Paolo Barbieri of their female icons. ”



A chromatic run. Energy. Fresh. Radiant. A pulsating rhythm of tailoring …. Narrating the Spring-Summer 2013 and projecting the true elegance of the brand’s soul. “This season the Gucci man rediscovers his chic Mediterranean side with thin lines and intriguing and strong blocks of color,” explains Creative Director Frida Giannini. “In designing this collection, my starting point was an obvious desire for color to evoke the summer.” In a palette Gucci colors, with skin tones in green, blue, yellow, orange and red to more bright colors. True colors synthesized in Baiadera pattern.

Gucci Spring Summer 2013 Press Presentation Lisbon @ #1 Brand Gallery
Gucci Spring Summer 2013 Press Presentation Lisbon @ #1 Brand Gallery

Some pieces from the collections


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