Macieira Edição D’Autor 130 years old

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    Events & Brand Activation

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    A Vida Portuguesa – Intendente

  • What:

    Celebration of the Macieira's 130 years

  • Date:

    09 of April, 2015

Macieira Coleção D’Autor emerges as a new premium product of Macieira’s portfolio, born in honor of its founder, José Guilherme Macieira, as well as all the Portuguese who were part of the heritage of this historic brand.

In order to portray the most beautiful and characteristic of Portugal, will also have available a variety of collectible labels, communicating icons of Portuguese culture, such as Rabelos do Porto boats and Lisbon’s Electricals.


Macieira history

Macieira, founded in 1885, was drink of choice of kings and poets. Fueled the real estate by king’s request to King Carlos I and accompanied Fernando Pessoa in his daily coffee, marking a tradition of connoisseurs and lovers that they too are part of the history of the brand. Macieira Coleção D’Autor aims to honor all those who over 130 years were part of the history of the brand. “A taste for life”, a signature that represents the various generations of Macieira lovers over the 130 years and reinforces its commitment to accompany many more in the future.

"The good flavor of old times"

For the creation of this new premium product from Macieira, were selected limited lots of the best wine brandies aged in American oak barrels, from 8 to 28 years, who gave birth to a new intense and generous blend. A special selection of exceptional quality barrels that dignify the history of Macieira since its foundation in 1885, with a complexity and maturity that reflect the passage of time.

The Macieira Coleção D’Autor presents an intense amber color and a strong aroma of aging in barrels characterized by sweet and fruity notes and a pleasant and very persistent flavor. Must be served plain or with two ice cubes to fully enjoy the wealth of aromas and flavors.


Macieira historic images 

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