• Date

    10 of May of 2017

The famous Italian appetizer Campari will launch, on 11 May, at the Hotel Sana Evolution Lisboa in Saldanha, the first The Red Zone in Portugal. Between May and October, in the best bars of Lisbon and Porto, there are 8 events The Red Zone, each with unique experiences. Only the first 100 people who subscribe to the website for each of the events will have access to the restricted Red Zone.


It was Gaspare Campari who in 1860 decided to experiment and test new drinks recipes and create the “Bitter allísuo di Hollanda”, a bright red and bitter-tasting drink served as an aperitif to his customers as a courtesy. In 1889, the first campaign of the brand is realized and in 1892 the first factory for the industrial production of the drink that was to be called simply of Campari was founded.


Today Campari is an irreplaceable presence in many of the classic cocktails like Negroni, Americano, Boulevardier, etc. Negroni is one of the most iconic cocktails in the world and one of the favorites of Portuguese bartenders. It is on the official IBA Cocktail List.