Strategic communication of wine, cuisine, tourism, arquitecture, design and lifestyle

Indulge is the Global Press unit dedicated to strategic communication for companies, institutions, services and brands in the world of wine, cuisine, tourism, arquitecture, design and lifestyle, working in the national and international market. The finer things in life are the subject of this business unit.

The Indulge unit is dedicated to enhancing the image of our client base through strategic tailor-made communication services in order to ensure their media exposure in the national and international market, accompanying them directly in foreign markets where they operate or seek to achieve critical mass.
With extensive communication experience that combines a thorough understanding of the sector, its specific features, its players, influencers, the timings, the proper tools or actions for each project, together with the total perception of the culture, values and goals of each client, Global Press Indulge is able to offer the best approach and ensure effective, top quality results.


Global Press Indulge uses different combinations custom tools provided by the agency (strategy, media relations, public relations, communication online/digital, community management and organization of events) according to the profile and objectives of each integrated client in this particular universe communication and business.


At the moment these are some of the brands we are working with:

esporão-logo   intercontinental   oitavos   quintadoC   sheraton

To get to know more please go to our clients page.

Case Studies

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