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    14 of October of 2016

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This new hamburguer it’s a limited edition and will be avaiable at all Burguer King restaurants in Portugal.

The BURGER KING® restaurants astonish  again their consumers and present THE KING BURGER their first burger with a fried egg. This new hamburguer counts amoung their ingredients, beside the egg, cow meat, crisp onion, four slices of cheese, bacon and a tasty corn bread.

Following the usual line of the company to offer the highest quality and authentic flavors in all its products this new ingredient will undergo rigorous quality controls through a unique technique that allows to conserve the egg, coming from the Basque Country, with a well defined flavor, a creamy yolk and all the nutrients.

The protagonist of this process is Javier Yzuel, owner of Food Style, who states “One of the keys to success is undoubtedly the raw material. Not pass more than three days since our chickens lay eggs until they go through the process of elaboration and conservation, so we get an exceptional taste and quality. From there, that’s when the magic begins. A secret process that has taken us three years of hard work and thanks to which we have achieved our goal: to create a fried egg just like the ones we make at home


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This limited edition, which is already available in Portugal, will be part of the most premium proposals of BURGER KING® restaurants. The protagonist, the egg, will be accompanied by the traditional 100% cow meat, unmistakable for its authentic grilled taste; soft crunchy onions, bacon, fresh tomatoes, ketchup, mayonnaise, four slices of cheese and a tasty bread with corn. A long-awaited proposal from the BURGER KING® audience that will make the most demanding palates surrender to this burst of flavors.


From a suggested price of 5.65 euros, the new THE KING BURGER will be available at all Burger King restaurants in Portugal.


“The sales expectations for this new burger are very optimistic. Portugal is a country where there are many lovers of fried eggs and hamburgers, hence the success of the union of these two products. We are sure that many consumers were looking for this combination, “says Michael Hancock General Manager of BURGER KING® for Southern Europe.



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