• Date

    03 of March of 2015

The Portuguese brand Alphamoment was considered by the prestigious American Journal WWD, also known as the ‘Fashion Bible’ as the best brand in the category ‘Best in Show’ for the next season.

The WWD recognizes the innovative approach of the national label to instill a more urban influence to the characteristic ethnic style, highlighting then in relation to their competing brands. Alphamoment is still referred for the excellent relation value/quality that offers.

“Best in Show: Portugal’s Alphamoment took a fresh approach to outfitting gypsets with ethnic but urbane ponchos and fake fur jackets that wholesaled for less than $110.”

Founded in 2014 by André Costa and Nuno Pinto, Alphamoment combines the vast knowledge that their founders have of the fashion industry to a common desire to create something different and special. The Spring-Summer 2015 collection of the brand can be seen in lookbook format here.