• Date

    03 of August of 2017

The pair of white Alentejo wines, Aventura 2016 e Procura 2015, winemaker and wine producer from Mora, Susana Esteban, are on the market. After 15 years working as an oenologist Susana Esteban decided in 2011 to embark on the adventure of becoming a producer of wines in the Alentejo. The 2016 wine harvest Aventura presents itself with a cheeky, cheerful character and a festive soul. Already, the 2015 harvest of Procura is a unique and extraordinary wine for its complexity of aromas, which has earned it the highest score of all white Alentejanos tasted in the July edition of the prestigious American magazine Wine Spectator (91pts).


The white Aventura 2016 is the result of the allotment of an old vineyard of Portalegre and a vineyard of Estremoz, whose main variety is the arinto grape variety. It is a sober but fragrant wine, which stands out for the notes of lavender, stubble, peach and the deep minerality sensation. Full, but very fresh, strong and deep, finishes mineral, dry and tense.


On the other hand, the grapes of the white Procura 2015 come from an octogenarian vine with a mixture of grapes, located in the Serra de São Mamede, in Portalegre, whose composition, age and location provide a freshness and complexity of unique aromas. The Procura is elegant and complex, concentrated and with a firm acidity and tense finish. The harvest of 2015 is still evident by the notes of honey, peach and spices and by the details of floral and mango.


Aventura white, 2016 – P.V.P w/ IVA – 9,90€

Procura white, 2015 – P.V.P. w/ IVA – 20€