• Date

    06 of March of 2017

Since 1896 Maison Ruinart has commissioned an artist to develop an art piece based on his heritage. This year the brand challenged Jaume Plensa, a Catalan artist and sculptor, to create a piece that conveyed the philosophy, culture and multilingual texts of Maison Ruinart’s mentor Dom Thierry Ruinart. The commissioning resulted in a sculpture that will be exhibited in major art fairs throughout the world in 2017 and in a limited edition of twenty Ruinart Blanc de Blancs boxes called “Jaume Plensa for Ruinart”.


Almost three centuries later, Maison Ruinart (1729) keeps alive the values ​​and philosophy that marked its foundation. In 2017 he once again wanted to convey through the art the historical legacy of Maison Ruinart challenging Jaume Plensa to transcribe the philosophy, culture and multilingual texts of Dom Thierry Ruinart, uncle of the founder of the oldest Champagne house in the world, Nicolas Ruinart .


With the signature of Jaume Plensa, the studio Orfèvrerie d’Anjou, founded in 1710, built a box based on letters and numbers cut into metal. The frame of the box lets the light through to the Magnum Ruinart Blanc de Blancs bottle: a tribute to the radiant glow of Chardonnay, the region’s legendary grape variety. The edition of the box “Jaume Plensa for Ruinart” is limited to 20 units.


Jaume Plensa joins names like Erwin Olaf, Hervé Van der Straeten, Piet Hein Eekg, Ideon Rubin, Georgia Russell, Hubert le Gall, all commissioned in the last decade.