Art and Antiques Fair of Lisbon 2016

  • Date

    07 of May of 2016

cartaz A3:Layout 1The Art and Antiques Fair of Lisbon is organized by the Portuguese Association of Antiquaries that it is continuously conducting it since 1995, originally as biennial and more recently on an annual basis. It has been for several years the only event of its kind in the country and in this issue there will be a larger number of exhibitors than in the last two years, as well as more international exhibitors. Associates and the invited galleries present a remarkable and comprehensive set of works art collectors that the visitors will enjoy.




“It is our responsibility to organize ourselves to present, every year, the best the antique shops sector have to offer. The interested public has rushed to the National Cordage every year to enjoy and to acquire works of art, both ancient, modern and contemporary.”

President of APA


The fair will be open between 7 and 15 of May.