• Date

    15 of May of 2017

Three unique vineyards in the Baião-Vinhos Verdes sub-region give rise to the A & D Wines monologue trio of monologues. The result of the harvest of 2016 already is in the market and gave body to the second edition of these whites. The Arinto Monologues, the Avesso Monologue and the Chardonnay Monologue are a tribute to the grape varieties and their characteristic expression, the fruit of the “terroir” where these parcels are located, in the transition region between the Vinhos Verdes and the Douro.

Like the characters chosen to represent them on each label, the Monologues present distinct profiles, characteristics and identities of their own, having in common the intense and fruity aroma and the living acidity, resulting in rich and complex wines. From the Monólogo Arinto branco 2016, the exuberant aroma of the caste stands out, while in the Monólogo Chardonnay branco 2016 the elegance stands out. Finally, the Monólogo Avesso branco 2016 presents the characteristics of the casso, very Portuguese and characteristic of the sub region of Baião, is a full-bodied, vibrant wine with a long finish.

The selection of the unique vineyard plots was done by the winemaker, Fernando Moura, and the owner, Alexandre Gomes, who jointly evaluated the plots based on consistency in the production of superior grapes. In the vineyard the framework is of sustainability, respect and protection of natural resources. In the cellar the intervention is reduced by valuing the raw material that arrives there, the grape.

Monólogo Arinto Branco, 2016 – 75 Cl – P.V.P. Recommended with VAT 7,5 €

Monólogo Chardonnay Branco, 2016 – 75 Cl – P.V.P. Recommended with VAT 7,5 €

Monólogo Avesso Branco, 2016 – 75 Cl – P.V.P. Recommended with VAT 7,5 €