The 2015 harvests of Sandra Tavares and Jorge Serôdio Borges: passion for the Douro and the Old Vineyards

  • Date

    02 of January of 2018

The 2015 harvests of Sandra Tavares and Jorge Serôdio Borges: passion for the Douro and the Old Vineyards



Elegants, fresh and balanced are the common caracteristics and the digital impression of the wines that the couple of winemaker Jorge Serôdio Borges and Sandra Tavares da Silva produce in full Douro.

The personal project, that Sandra e Jorge design of Wine & Soul, it’s reflex of the O projeto pessoal, a que Sandra e Jorge designaram de Wine & Soul, is a reflection of the total dedication and passion for wine, for the region and for the old vineyards implanted in the terraced vineyards of Vale Mendiz. The harvest of 2015 promised and the two are unanimous in stating ‘it is an exceptional harvest’. To prove and prove, five reds have arrived on the shelves: Pintas, Pintas Character, Quinta da Manoella VV, Manoella and Pintas Porto Vintage, which are joining the two white 2016 Guru and Manoella.

The Wine & Soul red wines 2015 reveals a excepcional quality, maintaining the consistency of a profile balanced between the concentration, complexity and elegance to which are added the unique characteristics of the harvest.  The deep connection to the lan, to which parcel and the total surrender of Sandra and Jorge have allowed to create wines that express all the character of the old vineyards and the native castes durienses. With a minimal intervention during winemaking, it is its unique terroir that determines the expression of each wine.


Founded in 2001 by the winemaker couple, Wine & Soul has produced some of the most recognized wines in the Douro. In the August article of Wine Advocate, the publication of American Robert Parker, entitled ‘Portugal: The New Whites of 2016 and the Reds of 2015’, critic Mark Squires states that ‘for Wine & Soul, 2015 is one of its best crops. They are achieving excellent results in all wines, including Port wine, which according to him will even be ‘a favorite of lovers.’ Still the wines were not bottled and already Squires was excited in the tests attributing them extraordinary scores – Pintas Red 2015 (95-97*points), Quinta da Manoella Vinhas Velhas 2015 (94-96*), Pintas Porto Vintage 2015 (94-95*), Pintas Character 2015 (92-94*), Guru 2016 (93) e Quinta da Manoella Red 2015 (92).